We're committed to making healthcare work better for all Rhode Islanders. We’re developing new relationships with doctors and hospitals, and providing our customers with new tools to research the cost and quality of medical services. We’re also introducing new plans designed to better match your life, and budget.

Together, we’re changing healthcare in Rhode Island for the better.


Nurse Care Coordinators

Let’s be sure you have the help you need. Enroll in our Care Coordination and you’ll have a healthcare professional—a nurse, social worker, health advocate, or dietitian—who works with you and your doctor. It’s like having your own healthcare valet to explain, arrange, remind, coach and support you in managing your health.


Healing the System

Let’s get employers, providers, regulators and insurance companies working together to transform healthcare throughout Rhode Island. That’s what we’re doing behind the scenes every day. To learn more about the strategies and actions that will make healthcare work better for all of us now and in the future, visit


Healthy Rewards

Let’s reward healthy activities. With LifeStyleBlue, if you’re paying to participate in activities that contribute to good health, we’ll chip in, too. We’ll reimburse you up to $400 a year to cover a wide range of healthy classes and activities. That includes kids’ activities. Dance class. Skiing. Gym classes. Even bowling. Seriously.



Let’s find ways to get better care at lower costs, close to home. SelectRI is an innovative network option that allows employees to get more services and employers to save up to 15%. It includes advantages like expanded hours and guaranteed visits within three days, in-state, plus the flexibility to use any provider in the national network.

Small employers
Large employers


Online Physician Ratings

Let’s talk about the care we’re getting. On our new website, Blue Cross members can rate their experiences with any doctor, provider or facility and share it with other members. Just do a little research online and you can be sure you’re getting the care you want. If you do it for your movies you can do it for your health.


Electronic Health Records

Let’s get digital. We believe that electronic health records help improve the speed and quality of care our members receive by getting critical health information to doctors where and when they need it. We’ve been working with doctors, practitioners and hospitals across Rhode Island to help convert their paper folders and into digital files since 2009.


Local Service

Let’s keep it local and personal. Your doctor and pharmacy are in the community. Shouldn’t your health plan be? Being based in Rhode Island has helped us gather the largest network of doctors in the state, backed by the largest network in the country. And our customer service representatives are local, too. So we know your doctors, understand your issues and speak your language.


Diminishing Deductibles

Let’s save money where we can. If you're a member of one of our Individual Plans and you don’t reach your deductible in a given year, we can lower your deductible 20% the next year. If you don’t reach it again the next year, it’s a 40% reduction. If your good health and prudent use of healthcare is saving money, you certainly deserve to benefit from the savings.



Let’s help everyone get the benefits they want. It’s hard for employers to offer the selection of plans that work best for all their people. So together, we’re making it easier. Our LifeStyleBlue is a single plan that gives employees the flexibility to choose the set of benefits that works best for them, wherever they work.